Students Consulting for Nonprofit Organizations

Students Consulting for Nonprofit Organizations (SCNO) is a growing network of top university students dedicated to empowering the global nonprofit community. SCNO was founded with the mission of bringing professional, pro-bono consulting to organizations that focus on improving the world around us. We are an organization built on the pillars of maximizing social impact, developing student experts across a diverse range of philanthropic missions, and delivering tangible results to our portfolio of nonprofit clients.



The opportunity to understand core strategies in consulting within the context of our diverse assortment of nonprofit clients is incredibly unique to SCNO. We teach and cultivate a method of the bottom line in a way that positively diverges from what we learn in school, and instead focuses on maximizing the social impact we can make on the world. Not only do we develop professional skills applicable to a wide range of careers, we also provide students with a unique opportunity to work closely with nonprofits.


During the fall semester as Managing Partners, we focused on expanding our client portfolio, creating sustainable recommendations and infrastructure, and increasing the quality of our deliverables and membership. Last semester, we had a client portfolio of 9 clients [link to client page] - all with incredibly vital missions. Our members put thousands of hours of research and problem-solving into creating high-quality, actionable recommendations. 


As we enter our second virtual semester amid unprecedented times, we are placing an increased focus on defining what it means to engage with SCNO. This spring, we are working hard to equalize opportunities while increasing the diversity of skills, experiences, and backgrounds within our membership. This group of students, united by a common passion for helping those who need it most, will form a supportive network of future leaders committed to the growth of SCNO.


Our clients are passionate people who are already doing amazing things. It is incredibly rewarding to contribute to their missions, and it makes us very proud to see such a large group of highly-driven students dedicating themselves to their clients’ respective missions. 

If you are interested in joining our team, you may view our recruitment page


If your organization would like to explore pro-bono consulting opportunities with SCNO, please view our prospective client information page.

- David Spencer and Riley Terry


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